Trinity's 5 areas of Ministry


Witness helps our congregation grow larger, to the Glory of God. It enables members to share the Gospel of Christ's death and resurrection. These ministries provide opportunities for increasing spiritual growth and health. Our focus is to encourage fellowship and faith formation; to provide content, sponsorship and invitations to participate in the ministries of Christ.
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Middle School and High School groups meet every Wednesday at 6pm in the Youth Room of the Family Life Center. During the school-year, they start with a meal and some fellowship time, then move into separate Bible study or group activity time. During the summer, they go on adventures. For several years, the Youth have been leading Wednesday night Advent and Lenten worship services during. They travel to the Church-wide Youth Assembly. All youth are welcome!


Trinity School families are always welcome to call Trinity a church home. The Sunday before school starts each August, we host a back-to-school/eat-with-your-teacher/waffles & ice-cream breakfast, followed by a blessing of the back-packs in the church service. We host a Trinity Ministries welcome table at most school functions. We invite school families and student groups to participate in worship. And most importantly, we invite all school children and family members to be baptized, even if Trinity is not their church home.


Meets the final Friday of each month to share Fun, Food, Fellowship and Culinary education from a Certified Executive Chef.

Please look on the events calendar for event specifics and contact information....Everyone is welcome!


WOJO is a fellowship group for all ages of adult women. They meet monthly and conduct learning or fellowship activities to enrich the lives of the members. They sometimes go on retreat weekends. They perform service for the church community by providing refreshments at funerals, hostessing events, decorating, and generally providing nurture and care.


MOJO meets for Fun, Food, Fellowship and Faith formation on the first Friday of the month. Proceeds from the various activities like bocce and poker tournaments are earmarked for different ministries and needs throughout the Congregation.


The Trekkers host outdoor adventures throughout the year, such as the annual Memorial Day picnic, camping trips in the cool months, canoe/kayak trips, geocaching adventures, and nature hikes.

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provides assistance in Planning/Volunteer Recruitment/Execution for all types of Celebrations and/or Fellowship events i.e. Friends Breakfast (held monthly), Ministry Fairs, Cookouts etc.


Hilltoppers is a 55+ fellowship group that meets monthly. They usually have a guest speaker with topics of interest or relevance to the group. They often share a meal, and sometimes take field trips, such as to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando.

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are an Outreach ministry of the Witness Team. They greet visitors to church each weekend and make sure they sign the guest book. If the visitors are interested in membership, they may be introduced to the Pastor or other church leaders. If the visitors provide a local address in the guest book, they may be visited by the Outreach team and presented a Trinity mug, with invitations to come worship again with us, or join any number of ministry opportunities.


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