News Update: If you did not receive our website weekly news update last week, and you would like to get one, please enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page. We will be glad to have you join our list.

Trinity School Enrollment: Do you know of anyone interested in enrolling in our Trinity School, Pre-K through 8th grade? If you know of someone, please have them call the School Office and talk to our Principal, Sheila Miles at 407-847-5377 or e-mail her at

chalkboard name tags 4Name Tags Visitors feel like we are a friendly congregation. We open the doors, and say hello, and make an effort to recognize our visitors. Now we can go the extra mile, with name tags, so that our visitors know us as well! We have designed brand new name tags that are much easier to read, and are magnetic so you don’t put holes in your clothes! The cost of a new nametag is only $6 and you can order one for each family member now. You’ll see someone in the Narthex before services or you can contact Vicki in the church office.

Prayer Requests may be shared with us by writing the information under the Prayer Requests/Concerns section of your attendance card. All prayer requests will be kept on Trinity’s prayer list for two weeks. Please print the first and last names of those persons your are asking us to pray for so that we may put their names on the prayer list.

A Nursery is available for both services on Sunday for children age 4 and under. If you do not know where the nursery is located ask an usher.

Trinity Samaritans—Trinity Church & School continually collect food and clothing for our neighbors in Osceola County. Bring your donations of both food and clothing to church, anytime you have gathered a few items together.  On a weekly basis, our Samaritans will move the items to storage area, making sure those donations get to places of need, including our own food pantry. Please #1 Make sure your clothing donations are in reasonably good condition. Please #2 when you shop for groceries, remember there are two unseen “guests” who will be dining with you. One is Jesus. The other is a man, woman, or family who will deeply appreciate that they have been given a seat at your table.

Chapter & Verse is a weekly email that updates you on all the happenings at Trinity Lutheran Church and School.  It’s a great way to keep up on the news since there are often things happening that don’t make it into bulletins or announcements.  Be sure to visit our website and sign up to receive Chapter & Verse, if you’re not already doing so.  The web address is: Just enter your email address and you will start getting our email.  Or, you can write your name and email address on an attendance card and place it in the offering plate, or give you email address to Vicki in the church office.   Please contact Pat Wilson at 407-973-0604 if you have questions or need help with Chapter & Verse.  We promise, your email address will not be shared with anyone else, and we will not send you any “spam.”

Sponsor the Worship Booklet, Newsletter, or Flowers:

The 2014 sign up sheets are now in the Narthex!

Weekly Worship Booklet: Two weeks prior to the worship booklet you are sponsoring, please drop your payment, in one of the offering envelopes in the pews, marking it “Worship Booklet.”  Please print a note on the envelope as to who it is in memory of, in honor of or for a special occasion.  The cost is $25.

Monthly Newsletter:   By the 5th of the month prior to the one you are sponsoring, please drop your payment, in one of the offering envelopes in the pews, marking it “Newsletter.”  Please print a note on the envelope as to who it is in memory of, in honor of, or if it is a special occasion.  The cost is $250.

Flower Chart: We ask that you place your flower envelope into the offering plate, at least one week before the date you have chosen, so that we have the necessary information for the announcement sheet.  The cost is $25.

Breakfast Sunday  the 3rd Sunday of each month is Breakfast Sunday in the Family Life Center 8 –10 am.    Our next breakfast will be served on October 19 . The menu will be Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Fruit Cup, Coffee, Juice. Cost is $5.00 per person.

Trinity Cookzz will be gathering again on Friday, October 31st. Watch for more announcements updating our menu for October.  

Our Gift to Trinity: We wish to thank all who made a donation for the Paraments. We would like to continue this fund raiser, raising money for Albs and Wireless Microphones. The wireless mics will be used by the children when participating in our church services.

Trinity’s Fall Festival Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be Fun, Food, and Fellowship for all ages. A Christmas bazaar, cook out, silent auction, kids games, contests for teens, crawly critters, and awesome display of handmade quilts, bouncy things, tasty things, dancing things and vendors galore for your shopping pleasure. There will be bingo, a health fair and drawings. Special Guest Appearance from Santa and Mrs. Claus!! Get ready to help!

Confirmation classes to begin in October. The first class will be on Sunday, October 12th at noon in the conference room. We ask that a parent attend each class with their child.

First Communion: First Holy Communion will be on Sunday, October 12th at the 10:30 am worship service.

Altar Care is in need of volunteers to set up for communion one Sunday a month, if you are interested please let Vicki know in the Church Office  407-847-4204.

Sunday School for grades 5 and up will meet in the school art room (Room 101) at 9:30 am starting on September 7.  The class will be taught by Rhoda Carlstedt, assisted by Terri Romberg.  Bring your son/daughter and you may attend Pastor Bob’s Bible class in the Family Life Center while your child is in  Sunday school.

Annual Wine In-gathering to replenish our sacramental wine will be during the month of November. Blessing of the wine will be on the weekend of November 22nd & 23rd. The table will be set up in the back of the sanctuary starting weekend of November 1 & 2. We use Mogan David Concord Grape or Manischewitz, Concord Grape.

The Fishy Folk Family will be participating in the Give Kids The World Gingerbread Run. If you would like to support them, please contact them on their e-mail.

Fall Festival Cake Walk Donations Needed Fall Festival will be held November 15th and we are asking for donations of baked goods for the “Cake Walks” that will be held as one of the activities of the day. Donated items can be cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, etc. Whatever you would like to make and donate we will be happy to have as a prize selection for our “Cake Walk” participants. The cake walks will be held intermittently during the day until all baked goods are gone. Please drop off donated baked items at the Family Life Center in the morning of the Fall Festival on Saturday, November 15th or at the School Office on Friday, November 14th. (School Office open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.)

Chapter And Verse

Last Update:  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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